sDrive in action
Check out some of the features that make our new motor control technology so impressive.

Not impressed yet? Take a closer look at our sDrive sensorless going through its paces in challenging cordless power tools.

Recognized as enabling technology

Our vision is supported by the Australian Capital Territory government and the Innovation Connect technology grant program.

Achieve more with less
We skillfully engineered our controller with innovation and maximum performance in mind. sDrive enabled applications require less hardware and development time, and can offer you more versatility, safety, reliability, efficiency and affordability.

Validated in the ultimate testing grounds

Our sDrive technology – inspired by the pinnacles of radio controlled car racing – has been successfully put through its paces in some of the toughest sensorless brushless motor drive applications, and we see this only as the beginning.

Heavy Duty Cordless Power Tools
Professional Radio Controlled Racing Vehicles
Drives like no other

"SEGANI is a startup advancing research and design in the innovative world of motor control engineering; on a mission to bring our technology to global markets and ultimately make our planet greener, safer and improve people's lives.”